Little Voices Speech Therapy

Providing mobile speech therapy and other services

Litte Voices Speech Therapy provides the unique advantage of an experienced speech-language pathologist meeting with your child at their childcare/preschool, in coordination with each location. We know how hectic family schedules can be and it can be hard to find time during the work day or after school hours to get kids everywhere they need to be. That's why we started Little Voices Speech Therapy. Mobile speech services means not having to pull kids from school, schedule in time away from work, or fit in one more thing after school. 

In addition to therapy, our services include: evaluations, consultations, parent coaching, and screenings. For facilities, we can provide tailored staff training and coaching, information regarding speech-language development, and materials such as in-classroom tips or transition books for families. 

Let's chat to see if we're the right fit for your needs! If not, we'll do our best to point you in the right direction. 

Unsure about private services versus Child Find/school services? We're happy to chat about that too! 

Currently serving Northwest Arvada and surrounding communities. Contact us to see if we're available for your location. 

Have questions about services? Not sure what you may need?  Interested in a free speech-language screening?